I spend a lot of my time freaking out about bringing my GPA up, finding an internship, getting a co-op job, becoming a great programmer. I psych myself out so much that I can’t start working on anything. I have so much free time during the day, yet I still can’t get anything done because I’m paralyzed with anxiety.

Actually, just typing about it is freaking me out a little right now.

I procrastinate by getting on Facebook (even though there is nothing to look at) and surfing Reddit under the pretense that it’s not technically procrastinating because I’m reading r/productivity or r/learnprogramming. But who am I kidding, reading r/productivity for 3 hours and then not doing anything with the information I just read is not considered being productive.

So, I’ve always known in the back of my mind that I would be way better off just quitting Facebook and Reddit altogether. I’m starting right now.

If you use the Firefox browser, you can download an add on called “Leechblock” that allows you to block yourself from certain websites during whatever times you specify. I’m going to set it to not allow me access to Reddit and Facebook at all unless it’s Sunday.

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